Released on April 15, 2014, this is my 4th studio project entitled A Sober Man’s Thoughts EP. Click the download button to purchase on iTunes. 

With my third studio project, this “book on tape” entitled The Rise walks you through a fantasied story about a young black boy who encounters love, heart break, money, drugs, and everything in between.

Go to to step into The Rise.



Released March 15th, 2011, along side of Dream Out Loud Entertainment, executive produced by legendary DJ LES (Nas) & Broccoli City, the anticipated project features all original beats from producers Koncept, GoodKnight & in house producer Rad!cal. This is simply a Drunken Man’s Words.



“The Prologue: The Story Before The Story,” which dropped February 1st, 2010; showcases my lyrical diversity over some of the industry’s hottest beats at the time. Hip Hop lovers take heed.